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We provide a full service moves or any part of a move – from a private residence to an independent, retirement, assisted living or nursing facility, or from one room to another within the home or a facility.

It only makes sense for you to have..
CONTROL: The convenience to get what you need, what you want and how you want it.
CHOICE: A single call for pre-qualified and a wide Selection of options, solutions and resources.
CLARITY: Our Service = time efficiency, Your dollars = value, Service Received = your resolution.
COMMUNITY: Go green! Recycle assist others instead of filling a landfill.

FAQ’s: Moves within the home; to retirement and assisted living facilities

We’re downsizing; What do I do first?

First decide what you want to keep and use in your new home. Then, consider giving your children, relatives and friends those items that may have a family history, are unique or have emotional meaning. Typically the household has a mixture of valuable and not so valuable items. Moving On! identifies what may be of historical, collectible significance before you give, sell or donate. Many items have changed in value over the past 30 years, and should be considered with this in mind. If the personal property has accumulated for many years, there may be items with value that are not obvious.

Can MOVING ON! Redecorate with cherished items in my new home?

Yes, re-decoration is a popular service offered by MOVING ON! We first assist with space planning and selecting the items that you wish to have in your new home. The smaller items can be mixed in to create just the ambiance you want.

Will MOVING ON! just help me plan?

Yes, MOVING ON! is pleased to assist in the way that makes it easier for you to manage your unique situation. We do as much or as little as you need.

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MOVING ON! provides a Single Point of Contact for as much or as little that needs to be done - related to the disposition of household items and personal property. First consultations are always free. Our services include: Appraisals, Estate, Consignment, Auction Sales, Personal Shopping, Errands, Senior Move Specialists, Sort, Space Planning, Pack, Move, Unpack, Redecorate, Reorganize, Charitable Donations, Books & Bibles, Disposal of Surplus Possessions, Deep Cleaning, Organizing, Redecorating, Aging in Place | Virginia Web Design VISIONEFX