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Moving On! Services Ethics Position

Moving On Services business ethics position requires a soul deep commitment to integrity in every aspect of business operations.

The success of Moving On! Services is dependent upon trust, credibility and confidence earned by adhering to commitments made to our clients, on time and within budget, as well as displaying honesty and reaching goals solely through honorable conduct and without conflicts of interest.

Business Ethics encompasses respecting others; their opinions, culture, and property, as well as proprietary and confidential information which is not repeated, discussed, copied, distributed or altered.

Our Moving On! Services team endeavors with courage to always confront difficult situations, decisions or problems by listening with an open mind, evaluating the entire issue, and striving to make the final choice by doing the right, correct, honorable and legal action.

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MOVING ON! provides a Single Point of Contact for as much or as little that needs to be done - related to the disposition of household items and personal property. First consultations are always free. Our services include: Appraisals, Estate, Consignment, Auction Sales, Personal Shopping, Errands, Senior Move Specialists, Sort, Space Planning, Pack, Move, Unpack, Redecorate, Reorganize, Charitable Donations, Books & Bibles, Disposal of Surplus Possessions, Deep Cleaning, Organizing, Redecorating, Aging in Place | Virginia Web Design VISIONEFX