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Downsizing Lifestyle Change

Personal Property Disposition Services | MOVING ON You want to simplify your life! You or someone you love may need to deal with all that “stuff” – that personal property. You may have to downsize, liquidate an estate, organize papers or redecorate a new home; need a healthier – safer home for medical reasons. It’s time to move to, or even within the retirement, assisted or nursing facility. You may need to assist your parent, or perhaps you already are a caregiver. You or your loved one may wish to stay in the home, to age in place!

Our Experience is Your “Life Transition” Solution

• When you need to make decisions but need to rely on experienced, bonded professionals to plan, execute and manage all the details.

• When you are seeking the best solutions for your loved ones yet need to preserve time for your family and life.

• When you need expertise, resources, solutions when wondering “What do I do with all this stuff?”

• When you are overwhelmed by downsizing tasks, or a move to retirement or assisted living.

• When you need help with sorting, packing, moving, unpacking, organizing or redecorating.

• When you want to stay in your home and need services, solutions and resources to do so.

• When you need to sell your items but don’t know when, where or how to obtain the best prices.

• When you want to go GREEN, donate and recycle surplus items.

• When you have a medical situation and must have a healthy – safe environment.

• When you need to organize your papers, a room, your home.

When you are moving on through your life transition


Expertise, Solutions, Options and Resources

Project Management, Planning, Research, Consulting

Auction, Estate and Consignment Sales

– Fair Market Value
– Full Replacement Value

– Fiduciary Liaison
– Probate Solutions
– Liquidations
– Cleanout
– Inventories
– Moves and Shipping

Living & Deceased Estates
– Downsizing
– Identify historical & collectible
– Inventory
– Options for sales & charitable venues
– Disposal of excess items
– Recycle – go Green!


– Move Management
– Local, Intrastate, Interstate coordination
– Planning, Research, Consulting
– Downsizing
– Sort, Pack, Unpack
– Redecorate, Organize
– Supplies

– After a move
– A room, a closet or the home

– Basic or Deep Cleaning (empty space only)
– Resources (windows, carpets, lawn care) (furniture restoration and repair)

Personal Shopping, Errands

Handy Man Small Repairs, Maintenance

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MOVING ON! provides a Single Point of Contact for as much or as little that needs to be done - related to the disposition of household items and personal property. First consultations are always free. Our services include: Appraisals, Estate, Consignment, Auction Sales, Personal Shopping, Errands, Senior Move Specialists, Sort, Space Planning, Pack, Move, Unpack, Redecorate, Reorganize, Charitable Donations, Books & Bibles, Disposal of Surplus Possessions, Deep Cleaning, Organizing, Redecorating, Aging in Place | Virginia Web Design VISIONEFX